Palmers Debt Recovery Price List

Palmers Debt Recovery Price List

Our specialist Solicitors provide a debt recovery service that is straightforward, effective and can help your business deal with its invoice debts. Our focus is to recover your debts on a low cost,
fixed-fee basis.

If you have a number of unpaid invoices or an ever growing aged debt ledger, we offer a free 30 minute debt recovery assessment to advise you on collection and recovery.

Our service guarantee ensures that all instructions received before 1pm will be processed on the same working day.

Before Court Proceedings


We offer a choice of three late payment reminder letters for overdue invoices. The applicable charges are as follows:

Standard Chaser Letters/Emails (up to 10 per month)*                                                             £50.00 plus VAT

Standard Chaser Letters/Emails (over 10 up to 20 per month)*                                               £75.00 plus VAT

Standard Chaser Letters/Emails (over 20 up to 30 per month)*                                             £100.00 plus VAT

*Any additional letters will be charged at £5.00 plus VAT.

Legal Proceedings (Undisputed Debts)

There are four stages to legal proceedings:

  1. Letter Before Action
  2. Issuing Legal Proceedings
  3. Judgment
  4. Enforcement

We charge a fixed-fee for Sending a Letter Before Action and Issuing Legal Proceedings based on the size of your debt:

Claim Size (£) Our Charges (£) (Plus VAT) Court Fee (£) Recoverable Fees
25-300 125 35 75
300.01-500 125 50 85
500.01-1,000 125 70 130
1,000.01-1,500 250 80 150
1,500.01-3,000 250 115 185
3,000.01-5,000 250 205 265
5,000.01-10,000 250 455 510
10,000.01 to 200,000 500 5% of the value of the claim Court Fee (4.5%) + 100
200,000.01 + 1,500 £10,000 Court Fee (5%) + 100

Upon entering Judgment, we charge £65.00 plus VAT for debts under £5,000 and £80.00 plus VAT on debts over £5,000.00.  The cost of enforcement will be agreed with you in advance, should it be necessary.


Enforcement Option Our Charges (£) (Plus VAT) Court Fee (£) Process Server Fee (£) (Plus VAT) Amount Recoverable (approximate) and added to debt (£)
Application for an Order that the Debtor attends Court for questioning 250 55 100-200 45
Charging Order* 500 110 - 270
Warrant of Control (Bailiffs)** 150 60 - Interest
Warrant of Control (County Court Bailiffs)** 150 110 - Interest
Attachment of Earnings Order 500 110 100-200 A sum the Court considers reasonable
Third Party Debt Order 500 110 100-200 A sum the Court considers reasonable
Statutory Demand
(Before making someone bankrupt you must issue a statutory demand or get a Bailiff’s statement showing you have a judgment for the money and the Bailiff could not recover enough to pay the debt)
250 - 100-200 350-450

*Not inclusive of Counsel’s fees in attending any hearing, Land Registry Fees of £50.00 and Official Copies of the Land Registry entry for the property being charged at £10.00,
or any other necessary disbursements.

**If enforcement is unsuccessful, a Compliance Fee of £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00) is payable to the Bailiffs.

If an invoice becomes defended or disputed either (i) after sending a Letter Before Claim or (ii) after Issuing Proceedings, such defended or disputed claims will be charged by Palmers on a time spent basis and additional court fees may be payable. We will discuss such costs with you at the relevant time and before proceeding further. A case will become defended and/or disputed when the debtor challenges payment of your invoice(s) for any reason. 


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We would kindly request, where possible, that you contact us by telephone or email in preference to attending personally at our offices.

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