Kim Mansfield – I recently had the need to change my existing Maintenance Order through the Courts. Throughout the process, Ms Mansfield (my solicitor) gave me very good guidance and advice, taking me through the steps to achieve my objective in a clear and professional manner. Despite delays caused by COVID we went to Court fully prepared and came away with a satisfactory closure to the case. Had I not taken this advice, it could have been a different story.”

Mr K B – France, November 2020

Samantha Randall – Thankyou very much for some for the advice you have given me in this matter. I am really lost for word how to express my gratitude for all your support you offered me. If I had a magic wand I would have turned you into a ‘Princess’. I don’t have anything to offer you but I will pray for the Lord to protect you and ‘Shine in you eternally ‘.
God Bless you”

Mr T L – Essex, October 2020

Donna Smy – Thank you Donna for all your help with the Trust. You have been extremely efficient and very helpful in answering our questions. Also being thorough but not overly so as some lawyers can be! All the best”

Ms D L – Essex, October 2020

Samantha Randall – Samantha made everything easy for me and acted so quickly.

Ms A R, October 2020

Kim Mansfield – First class service.

Ms Y H, September 2020

Nicola Tubbs – I think Nicola is exceptionally good, responsive, proactive and knowledgeable! I have never been working with someone who would respond that fast. She is like lightning!

A K, September 2020

Kim Mansfield – Kim is very friendly and helpful and have not had any problem so far. Over all very satisfied.

Mr A S, September 2020

Laura Carter – Laura was friendly, approachable and very professional, when dealing with our matter. She worked quickly and explained everything to us. Great Work!”

Ms K K – South Woodham Ferrers, August 2020

Laura Carter – Palmers Solicitors worked very professionally at all times!”

Ms D L – Essex, August 2020

Samantha Randall – I would like to say many thanks for everything you did for me, your services and your quick response in replying to emails. I shall remember you and your company and will not hesitate to use your company again if any legal matters should arise.”

Mr J B – Essex, July 2020