Palmers Solicitors

Children matters including child arrangements orders

Parents are usually the best people to decide upon arrangements for their children. Where possible, we recommend that issues relating to children, such as education, religion or residence (formerly known as custody) be agreed between parents.

Unfortunately, following the breakdown of a relationship, it is often difficult for parents to agree what is best for their children.

In such cases, mediation may help. We can refer you to an appropriate mediation service if you feel this would help your family. If mediation does not help, or if one or both of the parents do not wish to attend mediation sessions, we can write on your behalf to your ex-partner (or to his or her solicitors) in an effort to agree arrangements amicably.

If these issues cannot be resolved by agreement or mediation, either parent may make an application to the Court. The court system is generally designed to encourage parties to agree. If this is not possible, the Judge will decide upon issues which are in dispute, such as where the children will live or the amount of contact (formerly known as custody) they will have with each parent. We can advise and represent you in such proceedings

We can also advise you if Social Services become involved with your children.