Palmers Solicitors

Palmers Mediation Service Fees

Arranging the mediation

We do not charge a booking or administration fee.


We do not charge extra for preparation time on the basis that not more than 2 hours will be required. If the parties, require or expect more time to be spent in preparation then this will be charged at £150 plus vat per hour.

The mediation

We offer half a day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) options :

For claims of less than £50,000 the fee is £600 plus vat for a half day and £1,000 plus vat for a full day;

For claims of £50,000 or more and for multi-party claims the fee is £1,200 plus vat for a half day and £2,000 for a full day.

At our discretion, time spent beyond the 4 or 8 hours allocated will be charged at £200 plus vat per hour.


If you wish to use our offices, subject to availability, we shall provide room facilities at £100 plus VAT and £200 plus VAT for ½ day and full day respectively. These fees include tea, coffee and biscuits for half a day bookings and include a sandwich lunch for full day bookings.


We shall charge a cancellation fee of £300 plus VAT if the mediation is cancelled at any time after a booking is made.


These fees are total fees and not fees per party. Payment must be made before the mediation. Each party will be invoiced for one half of the fee.

Further information

Further information will be provided at the time of booking.

NOTE: These fees will prevail until 31st January 2016