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Probate and Estate Administration

A Grant of Representation is an Order of the High Court which authorises the appropriate person(s) to collect in the assets of a deceased person and settle their debts before distributing the balance to the correct beneficiaries. Where there is a Will the Grant is one of ‘Probate’, where there is no Will one of ‘Letters of Administration’.

The obtaining of a Grant is required to protect the estate and the beneficiaries against fraud, ensuring that banks etc. pay the monies due to the estate to the correct person(s).

Currently applications for a Grant can either be made in person or via a solicitor. An application in person will involve the completion of various forms providing information about the estate, including an inheritance tax return, followed by an interview with a Court Officer at the Court.

Those who instruct a solicitor will find that the solicitor is able to prepare the paperwork for them and will not need to attend Court. Whilst solicitors’ fees will be incurred these will often be lower than you might expect and are off-set to an extent by a reduction on the Court fee charged when the application is made by a solicitor.

Palmers have a department staffed by solicitors with the relevant experience in this area who can handle the whole, or any part, of the administration or simply the application for the Grant, depending upon your wishes, and our involvement can reduce the distress and delay which the procedure can cause.

We currently offer a fixed fee of £725 + VAT for cases where we are simply asked to assist with the application for the Grant. Our costs for more extensive assistance can be discussed at an initial no cost, no obligation meeting and our fee structures for such work can include fixed fees where appropriate.

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Probate and Estate Administration

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