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Get a quoteIs it time to throw away your printed staff handbook?

Palmers can provide you with your own HR website, which would include a compliant staff handbook and much more, online.

We can build a bespoke site for you, with your own branding and colour scheme, so that your employees can view your policies and procedures and complete electronic forms online – wherever they are.

We can provide a separate HR area for use and access by specified individuals in your management team, including guidance on employment law for your organisation. Our expert employment lawyers will manage your site to make sure your organisation’s handbook and legal guidance is compliant. Whenever there is a change in legislation, we will update your site and inform you what changes have been made before emailing your employees to tell them about the update.

If we think there is a need for a new policy document (for example, on social networking), we will talk to you about this, draft a new policy and agree it with you; and then update the site. We send an email to all of your employees to tell them about the change and introduce the new policy document.

If we think a refresher is needed – for example, to remind employees about your bad weather policy as winter approaches – we will agree this with you and then send out an email reminder to all of your employees.

On the HR area, we also keep the employment facts up to date – so when there is a change in statutory rates to, say, the minimum wage or maternity pay, we will update the information and email your managers.

Clear policies will help prevent misunderstandings and clarify the rules, putting your organisation in a stronger position if there are any disputes. One of the biggest defences for an employee is ‘I didn’t know, I wasn’t told’. A claim of ignorance in this way is unlikely to succeed when employees are regularly updated.

If you never want to worry about being up to date again, please contact us to find out more or to view the demonstration site.

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