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Start-up package

Our start-up package includes a contract for a junior employee, a contract for a senior employee, and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

If you are running a fledgling business or have no employment documentation in place, our start-up package will give you the tools you need to manage the employment relationship between the business and its staff, all for a reasonable fixed fee.

Template redundancy letters

This fixed fee package includes a letter informing employee/s that their position is at risk of redundancy and why, a letter inviting employee/s to an individual consultation meeting to discuss their situation, and a letter of dismissal for the people being made redundant.

Template disciplinary letters

This fixed fee package includes a suspension letter to prevent the affected individual attending the workplace while investigations are completed, a letter inviting the individual to a disciplinary hearing to discuss the allegations against them and the supporting evidence, and a letter to inform the individual of the decision made following the disciplinary hearing.

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