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The ideal time to purchase your first home
February 2018

For many years, reports have dominated the media suggesting that the UK is suffering from a so-called housing crisis – with younger Britons increasingly struggling to secure a place on the nation’s property ladder. Continue reading...

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The art of the amicable divorce
January 2018

Divorce is often thought of as a confrontational matter. This idea is exacerbated by the fact that, in order to divorce through the Courts within two years of a split, couples are expected to demonstrate that their marriage has broken down ‘irretrievably’ on grounds of unreasonable behaviour – a task which can often lead to ‘playing the blame game’. Continue reading...

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Child contact for divorced parents during Christmas time
November 2017

The Christmas period is an important time for families – particularly those who have children. But the festive season can often pose a problem for divorced or separated couples, who may find themselves fighting over child access during the Christmas holidays. Continue reading...

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The link between school summer holidays, divorce and separation
August 2017

Longstanding research suggests that the period immediately following the school summer holidays is prime time for divorce and separation in the UK. Continue reading...

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The complications surrounding children’s holidays when parents are separated
June 2017

Recent media reports have shed light on some of the issues which may arise regarding children’s holidays – particularly in cases where parents are separated. Continue reading...

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Owners of holiday homes abroad face post-Brexit estate planning risk
May 2017

Overseas property owners may not be able to rely on agreements which currently allow estates spread across multiple jurisdictions to be dealt with under English law, after the UK leaves the EU in two years’ time. Continue reading...

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The far-reaching responsibilities of the Executor
April 2017

Being appointed as the Executor in a friend or family member’s Will can be a daunting and difficult experience, as the role has far-reaching responsibilities and heavy administrative implications. Continue reading...

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Palmers appoints new conveyancing executive to keep up with home-buying demand
February 2017

Residential property transactions are on the rise, with the latest data from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) revealing that 1,231,120 home purchases made their way past the completion stage in 2016 – that’s 5,150 more than in 2015. Continue reading...

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The dangers of hiding or failing to disclose the true nature of assets on divorce
January 2017

During divorce proceedings, it is of crucial importance that both parties declare the full and true nature of their assets. If assets have been concealed or incorrectly disclosed, it is difficult to visualise what a ‘fair settlement’ should look like – which could potentially lead to disputes further down the line should one party wish to challenge an ‘unfair settlement’. Continue reading...

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The dangers of online divorce
December 2016

The Legal Services Board (LSB) is warning consumers about the dangers of online divorce, after research found that more than one in ten divorces are dealt with through unregulated online providers. Continue reading...


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