Disciplining and Dismissal of employees

Disciplining and Dismissal of employees

Do you need to discipline or dismiss an employee?  Do you need guidance through the disciplinary and dismissal procedure? Do your managers feel confident to handle this process?

All businesses have to discipline or dismiss staff from time to time.  We understand that it is never a pleasant thing to do.

We can guide you through the right process.  If you decide not to dismiss after conducting an investigation, we will make sure you have the right paperwork on your personnel files to help you if it happens again.

To avoid unfair dismissal claims, an employer must have a fair reason to dismiss an employee. It must also follow the correct procedures and act reasonably. An employee with two year’s service may bring a claim for unfair dismissal with a compensatory award potentially running into tens of thousands of pounds for successful claimants. In cases of wrongful dismissal, no minimum period of service is required. A wrongful dismissal claim may be brought when an employer does not give an employee the correct notice due under the terms of the contract of employment. These cases can be made particularly complicated when there is no written contract of employment.

Unfair and wrongful dismissal claims can have a significant impact on business financially and can cause lasting reputational damage. We are experienced in advising clients proactively, thereby helping the employer to reduce the risks of disputes arising.

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