Consultancy agreements

Consultancy agreements

Are you using an independent consultant or a self-employed contractor to work for your company?  Do you have a consultancy agreement to record the terms of the arrangement?

Consultancy agreements are becoming increasingly common in the workplace as they can offer flexibility and the ability for the consultant to bring genuine expertise to the company. This can be very cost-effective, particularly for businesses with fluctuating orders and need for staff.  It’s important however that the staff you engage this way have properly worded consultancy agreements.  This will ensure that both parties understand the rights and responsibilities of the relationship such as payment arrangements which shall assist in protecting you in the event of any disputes. You can include clauses on areas such as confidentiality and penalties in order to protect your businesses sensitive information and reduce your exposure to underperformance.

We are experts in preparing consultancy agreements. We will work with you to understand exactly what you expect from your contractors and shall prepare agreements tailored to your requirements and the specific relationship. We can also review any existing Consultancy Agreements and ensure that they are compliant with your requirements.

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