Coronavirus: Family Law – Divorce

Coronavirus: Family Law – Divorce

Divorce is still possible, despite the Stay at Home advice

The Stay at Home measures put in place by the Government to flatten the curve and limit the spread of coronavirus are having an impact on all aspects of our lives.

With all but essential travel effectively prohibited divorce could seem out of a question and you may have found yourself feeling trapped at home with a spouse with whom your relationship has broken down.

What can I do?

While the practicalities of splitting from your partner might be more difficult for the duration of the coronavirus measures, they are not impossible.

As family lawyers we are still here to help and assist you to begin the separation process. We can give you all the information you need to understand what the legal implications of any steps you take at this stage.

We can take instructions and provide advice either over the phone or using the full range of video calling apps in place of a face-to-face meeting during this time.

This may be more challenging than usual if you are having to observe the Stay at Home restrictions with your partner or if you have children, but can still be done.

However, the practical considerations involved in separating are much more difficult at the moment, with the Government advising that home moves are put on hold, apart from circumstances where the move is to an empty property.

Even if moving into separate homes in the immediate future is unfeasible, you can still take steps towards doing so by making contact with estate agents or lettings agents and mortgage advisers or financial advisers. Taking practical steps towards this goal can go some way towards alleviating the stress of the situation.

Please note that if you are at home with an abusive partner, the Government has stated clearly that you may leave the home to travel to a place of safety and that this will not contradict the Stay at Home advice.

If you are in immediate danger, you can also dial 999 and press 55, if you are unable to speak safely.

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We want to protect you and our staff from the spread of coronavirus.

We would kindly request, where possible, that you contact us by telephone or email in preference to attending personally at our offices.

If you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone who is unwell, please do not visit our offices.

Where possible, please send correspondence and documentation to us electronically so that we are able to progress matters remotely if necessary. Thank you for your co-operation.