Sub-letting move on hold

Residential landlords have been told that legislation to make it easier for tenants to sub-let is to take a back seat.

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) reported on 8 July that during a meeting with Housing Minister Brandon Lewis, he indicated that a sub-letting consultation would not now take place before May 2016 at the earliest.

The March 2015 Budget had announced that the government planned to make it easier for individuals to sub-let a room by legislating “to prevent the use of clauses in private fixed-term residential tenancy agreements that expressly rule out sub-letting or otherwise sharing space on a short-term basis, and [to] consider extending this prohibition to statutory periodic tenancies.”

It added: “This will ensure that landlords always have to consider tenants’ requests reasonably.”

The RLA, which had raised the issue with the Department for Communities and Local Government when it was first announced, said Mr Lewis’s comments provided landlords with “some respite from concerns about being unaware of who is living in their property”.

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