Ratings scheme gets a GRIP on slips

A new footwear slip resistance rating scheme has been developed to actively reduce slips and trips.

The GRIP scheme, which has been developed by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), an agency of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), was launched on 17 June at the Safety and Health Expo in London. 

The HSL said: “The GRIP rating scheme uses rigorous, scientific testing to measure and rate the slip resistance of footwear. Footwear manufacturers who have signed up to the scheme will be able to display the rating, from 1 to 5 stars, clearly on their product packaging, allowing footwear buyers to select the most appropriate footwear for their particular work environment”.

“Footwear manufacturers will also be able to use GRIP, which provides an independent, objective and trusted view of their products, to drive improvements in the slip resistance of footwear and gain competitive advantage over non-rated footwear”. 

“Footwear buyers will benefit from clear ratings that enable them to make informed purchasing choices, offering greater levels of slip and fall protection to their staff and helping to save the cost of slip-related absences”.

HSL is now inviting footwear manufacturers to sign up to the GRIP ratings scheme. Footwear buyers can also register to be notified when the first GRIP ratings are available next year.

Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of major injury to employees leading to two million lost working days in 2012-13, according to HSE figures, and representing a major financial burden to businesses.

All businesses need to make health and safety a priority, to reduce and control the risk of accident or injury – which could include providing appropriate footwear to their staff – in order to provide a safe environment in which employees and visitors work and do business.

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