Palmers Solicitors launches construction adjudication service

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Palmers Solicitors is launching an adjudication service for the construction sector to help businesses working in the sector to assist them in resolving contractual disputes without going to court.

Suryen Nullatamby, an Associate Solicitor in the Construction department has qualified with a Diploma in Adjudication in the Construction Industry from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The qualification means that he can act as an adjudicator in construction disputes, where resolving disputes through adjudication is a legal requirement in some instances. The process involves the parties to the dispute agreeing to appoint an independent adjudicator, who then receives representations before then making an interim decision that the parties will usually adhere to.

Unlike most adjudicators, who must be instructed through an appointing body that will charge a fee, Suryen Nullatamby can be instructed directly, saving time and money.

He has considerable experience in construction adjudication, having represented clients in more than 100 adjudications in the past.

Suryen Nullatamby said: “Adjudication is an important process in the construction sector that helps firms maintain cash flow and resolve disputes quickly.

“I am delighted that we are able to further speed up the process and reduce costs for firms by taking direct instructions for the service.


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