Palmers solicitor speaks on BBC Radio Essex

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Palmers Solicitors’ Lara Murray was interviewed this morning on BBC Essex’s breakfast show to discuss the issue of zero hours contracts.

The controversial subject has been in the news recently, with some workers and unions unhappy that staff can be sent home if there is no work to be done, given that zero-hours contracts do not guarantee a minimum number of hours of employment.

Speaking to James Whale, Basildon-based Associate Solicitor Lara was asked if it was fair for zero hours workers not to be permitted to work elsewhere. She highlighted that whilst exclusivity clauses are going to be banned by the Government, zero hours contracts that say the worker can’t work anywhere else will remain valid until the law comes into force.

As well as commenting on workers’ rights to the National Minimum Wage, statutory sick pay, rest breaks, holiday pay, protection against discrimination and automatic enrolment into pension schemes, Lara explained the difference between freelancers and workers under zero hours contracts and concluded that such contracts could benefit both sides; workers looking for part-time or casual work and businesses that need flexibility in staffing arrangements.

At Palmers Solicitors, Lara advises both employers and employees from various industries on all employment issues and has a particular expertise in the construction industry where zero hours contracts are commonplace. Lara is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association and has experience in a wealth of employment matters including employment contracts, consultancy agreements, sub-contractor terms and conditions, equal pay, family-friendly rights, maternity leave, flexible working, whistle-blowing and negotiating settlements. She presents at seminars and regularly writes articles on employment law; having previously contributed to Construction Magazine.

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