Will you accept our ‘summons’ to attend our latest mock disciplinary hearing?

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The employment team at Palmers will once again be summoning local businesses to the courtroom for a mock employment disciplinary meeting this autumn.

This year’s mock scenario will focus on the repercussions following the suspension of an employee for aggressive and bullying behaviour.

The company believes it has followed all the usual disciplinary procedures, even taking advice from a recognised union. Following the investigation, it is decided that the employee should be moved to another department and, despite reassurances from the recognised union that the worker will not lose their job they are, in fact, later dismissed.

Matters take an unexpected turn when the former employee proceeds to join an unrecognised union – the Workers of England Union – who agree to fight the original decision by taking on an appeal.

You can find out what happens next, by reserving your place at the event, which takes place on Wednesday 14 November at The Old Courthouse, Grays, from 2pm to 5pm.

Samantha Cass, a Solicitor with Palmers who specialises in employment law, said: “Employment disputes can lead to costly financial and reputational harm to businesses but, with some knowledge of good employment practices, they can often be avoided entirely.

“Our mock Employment Disciplinary Hearings have proved very popular with local businesses in the past, as an engaging way to get to the nub of the underlying issues that can lead to claims.

“I’d encourage employers to sign up for the event so they can benefit from an insight into how to prevent claims from arising in the first place.”

Previous mock tribunals held by Palmers Solicitors have been oversubscribed, so anyone wishing to attend please contact Samantha Randall today.