Teacher recruitment set to worsen – according to poll of school leaders

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A poll of school leaders found that two-thirds fear teacher recruitment at their schools will worsen over the next two years.

The research, carried out by The Academies Show, received feedback from 650 respondents.

Asked to name the five biggest challenges facing the education sector, 70 per cent selected teacher recruitment and retention – second only to funding – and almost double the number who mentioned government policy, which came third in the poll.

Asked whether they expected their ability to recruit the right teachers would improve or decline in their school over the next two years, 41 per cent said it would “decline a lot”, with 28 per cent saying “decline a little”.

Only 9 per cent said it would improve a little or a lot, with 22 per cent believing it would remain the same.

Lucy McPhail, director of the Academies Show, said: “Our research with school leaders shows that teacher recruitment is a very big concern at the moment.”

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “There are now a record number of teachers in our schools – 15,500 more than in 2010 – and overall the number of new teachers entering our classrooms outnumbers those who retire or leave.

“We recognise, however, that there are challenges facing schools and we are taking significant steps to address them with £1.3 billion of investment up to 2020 in teacher bursaries. Additionally our teacher workload action plan will provide targeted support to tackle excessive workload where it is most needed.”

Lara Murray, an Associate Solicitor who specialises in employment law, said: “As teacher shortages continue to bite, it is important that schools not only attract the very best candidates but also retain their existing staff. A well drafted and professional employment policy is just one of the tools that will help your school stand out from the competition and demonstrates the value you place on HR issues.”

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