Senior staff to spend longer in the UK

The government has announced changes to the immigration rules which will enable companies and manufacturers to keep senior highly-skilled employees in the UK for more time.

As a result, individuals who are working in the UK under intra-company transfers have had their maximum residency term extended from five to nine years, as long as they earn at least £150,000.

Announcing the modifications, immigration minister Mark Harper said: “The UK is open for business to the brightest and best migrants and today’s changes will ensure we remain an attractive destination for global talent.

“The government remains committed to supporting a private sector-led economic recovery. At the same time we continue to cut out abuse of the immigration system and remain focused on bringing net migration down from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.”

Furthermore, while skilled workers who spent more than 180 days of their five-year residency outside the UK were no longer considered eligible, they can now leave the UK for up to 180 days each year for legitimate reasons, such as work-based requirements.

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