Proposed changes to employee-shareholder proposals

In his Autumn Statement, the Chancellor George Osborne confirmed that the government is legislating to introduce a new employee-shareholder status, with a number of amendments to the original proposals under consideration.

In addition to the exemption on gains on up to £50,000 worth of shares, the government is considering reducing the income tax and national insurance that arise when employee-shareholders receive their shares.

Potentially, the first £2,000 worth of shares would be free from income tax and national insurance contributions.

Other proposed changes to the draft legislation – which would see employee-shareholders receive these shares in exchange for some of their employment rights – include the removal of the upper £50,000 limit and giving the Secretary of State the power to increase the minimum amount, currently set at £2,000.

The government is also considering enabling companies which are not registered in the UK to utilise the employee-shareholder status and for both the employer and its parent company to be able to issue shares.

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