Charity releases film to highlight ‘Britain’s broken social care system’

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The Alzheimer’s Society has released an animated film, aimed at highlighting the plight of families forced to deal with the challenges of unequal social care.

As part of its campaign to shine a light on ‘Britain’s broken social care system’ the charity has used a short animation, voiced by the actress, Lesley Manville.

It depicts the real experiences of a family, as they deal with the diagnosis of dementia and the cost of care fees.

The film tells the story of Isabel and her husband, John, who has dementia. Although Isabel does her best for John, his condition deteriorates and his needs become more challenging. It becomes too much for her to manage alone, so she is forced to find a care home for him.

The emotional and financial impact is highlighted in the film, with Isabel not only suffering the loss of her companion but struggling to meet bills of £1,000 a week for John’s care home.

As Isabel explains in the film, “dementia isn’t like other diseases”, when she is left to cover the crippling costs of care for John.

You can view the film here.

Tim Steele, a Partner with Palmers, who specialises in older client matters, said: “The charity’s film highlights the significant difficulties that many people face when trying to apply for care funding.

“It is important to remember that all nursing care is free. However, not all care is nursing care and a good deal of care is classed as social care which has to be paid for if an individual is deemed financially able to meet these costs.

“Following a health assessment, if – and this is a big if – your primary need is nursing care, then you will not pay any fees for that care.  This is the case, regardless of what wealth you may have and is referred to as Continuing Healthcare (CHC).

‘However, to be frank, it is not in the interests of the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for anyone to be awarded CHC. CCGs have budgets and their resources are constantly under pressure.’

“Care funding can be a minefield but CHC funding decisions can be successfully challenged. Specialist advice from a qualified solicitor can be of significant assistance and is best sought at the earliest stage possible.”

For help and advice on legal matters relating to elderly client care including CHC assessments and challenging decisions, please contact us.


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