More than one million workers denied legal working rights

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According to a new report by the Resolution Foundation think tank, a significant number of workers in the UK are not receiving paid holidays or a payslip from their employers.

The analysis, which focused on legal violations within employment, shows that workers across the country are being failed by employers who are abusing their rights, amid a steady rise in precarious working conditions over the past decade.

There are more than 32 million people in the UK workforce, and by discounting those who are self-employed and do not get automatic legal protections for holiday and sick pay, the analysis suggests at least a million employees are being denied their rights in one way or another.

In the report, it was revealed that one in every 20 employees do not receive any of the holiday pay they are guaranteed through the law, with one in 10 workers also not receiving a payslip from their employer, making it hard to calculate whether they are receiving the correct pay, pension and holiday.

Workers over the age of 65 were most likely to not have paid holidays, despite a legal entitlement to 28 days a year, or pro-rata for part-timers, while those at the start of their careers under the age of 25 were twice as likely as any other age bracket to be paid under the legal minimum wage.

It was also revealed that workers in the hospitality industry were more likely to miss out on legal workplace entitlements than any other industry.

Samantha Randall an employment law expert with Palmers, said: “The report reveals that many employers are breaking the law by denying employees their legal rights.

“If you are concerned that you are being denied your legal rights as an employee it is important that you seek specialist advice.”

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