The link between school summer holidays, divorce and separation

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Longstanding research suggests that the period immediately following the school summer holidays is prime time for divorce and separation in the UK.

It is thought that approximately 40 per cent of all marriages will end in divorce – and that the vast majority of relationship breakdowns will take place either in September or in January, following either the school summer holidays or Christmas break.

Kevin Double, Consultant and family law expert with Palmers Solicitors, explains why the summer holidays can often intensify existing tensions between couples.

He says: “The summer is widely regarded as a time of family fun and bonding; a time of exciting trips abroad and barbecues on the beach. For those couples who might already be growing apart, however, this can be far from the case.

“Most UK couples – especially those with children – will spend a lot more time together during the summer than they would normally and this in itself can spur on a feeling of ‘too close for comfort’.

“Perhaps the differences between the two of you will grow more apparent, or the stress of juggling work commitments and child care will lead to an increase in arguments.”

According to Kevin, the problem has been exacerbated in recent years by the rise in popularity of social media.

Kevin explains: “Social media encourages people to keep a close eye on what their friends are up to at all times – including other couples. Many people today spend a lot of time editing and perfecting their summer holiday photos and shouting about all of the exciting things they have been up to.

“In many cases, this can spark jealousy and unrealistic expectations concerning what married life or ‘a happy couple’ should look like – which can inevitably lead to arguments fuelled by a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction. This can pose a particular problem for those couples who are already experiencing issues.”

If you and your partner have been experiencing relationship difficulties, it is always wise to act fast and seek specialist legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity – particularly if you are considering divorce or separation. This will help to minimise the likelihood of a bitter dispute later down the line.

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