Court rules driver must pay massive “fine”

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A young woman was recently ordered to pay £24,500 to a private parking firm after ignoring hundreds of parking tickets.

Carly Mackie had been handed the almost-daily penalties after leaving her car at Dundee’s Waterfront without the necessary permit.

The 28-year-old had ignored the deluge of tickets, believing that they could not be enforced by law.

She was subsequently taken to court by the parking company Vehicle Control Services (VCS).

Earlier this month, a court ruled the charges were from a valid contract and Ms Mackie was liable to pay the outstanding sum.

Sheriff George Way said that she had parked outside a garage belonging to her stepfather and would not accept the offer of a parking permit – available for the cost of £40 a month.

In his judgment, Sheriff Way said “She admits she parked without a permit, on the property that the pursuers were contracted to protect.

“She had no better right or title to do so than any other interloper or stranger no matter what her belief might be.

“The defender refused to pay the parking charges not because she was unaware of the parking scheme or the terms of the notices or the financial consequences of parking at any time, but because she did not believe that the charges were valid in law.”

Jeremy Sirrell, a Palmers Partner with a wealth of experience of road traffic matters, said: “This case demonstrates the dangers of ignoring tickets. If the situation is allowed to escalate you may find that you eventually face a massive bill.

“If you are receiving parking tickets from a private firm and aren’t sure where you stand legally it is always worth seeking expert advice to clarify the situation.”

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