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Living Will or a Lasting Power of Attorney?
October 2016

Planning for the future of an individual who may lose the mental capacity to make their own choices is difficult, but often essential. Continue reading...

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Court decides verbal agreement between former cohabitees is binding
October 2016

We often use the phrase ‘my word is my bond’, but when it comes to legal agreements many presume that if something is not set out in writing, it is unenforceable. Continue reading...

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Rise in Inheritance Tax takings highlights importance of effective planning
September 2016

According to the latest statistics, HM Treasury receipts from Inheritance Tax (IHT) increased by 22 per cent in the 2015/16 financial year over figures recorded in 2014/15. IHT takings soared to a record-breaking £4.7 billion – news which, more than ever, highlights the importance of effective future and IHT planning. Continue reading...

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The remarriage trap: Don’t fall into it
July 2016

If you are tying the knot after a divorce, you must ensure that you do not fall into the dreaded ‘remarriage trap’. Continue reading...

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Changes to employment law affect us all
June 2016

A dizzying number of employment law changes were introduced in April 2016 – all of which have varied implications for employers and employees across the country. Continue reading...

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Councils are failing their care duties, charity claims
May 2016

Startling studies conducted by Independent Age have called into question whether local authorities are meeting their care obligations to provide support to elderly and vulnerable adults in Britain. Continue reading...

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Arranging child contact amicably and affordably in time for the summer holidays
April 2016

By Kevin Double

With the school summer holidays looming on the horizon, many separated parents are likely to encounter disagreements about contact arrangements for the holiday period. Continue reading...

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Changes to Employment and Immigration law: the new ‘Immigration Bill’
March 2016

By Charlotte Woolven-Brown

The Government’s recently introduced Immigration Bill makes various changes to laws applying to foreign workers in 2016. Most notably, these include: creating a greater offence of illegal working; requiring all public-facing public-sector employees to speak English fluently; and introducing an immigration skills charge for employers that use foreign workers. Continue reading...

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Palmers’ marriage of experience and skills provides divorce advice
January 2016

It’s a sad fact that we receive more enquiries regarding divorce at this time of year, than at any other. For many, the new year invokes a spirit of new beginnings and leaving the past behind. Continue reading...

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Who benefits from speeding fines?
December 2015

by Jeremy Sirrell 

Speed cameras. Always a controversial subject and long thought of as being a method by which to extrapolate cash from motorists for the benefit  of the police. Continue reading...